A-joint mini is an intuitive and utilitarian joinery system. Constructed to connect with standardised timbers (from 42 x 42mm - 38 x 38mm), A-joint mini allows the user to create structures that are strong and adaptable. Sand-cast in reclaimed metals and with a lifetime warranty, A-joint can be used for benches, trestle tables, market stalls and shop fit-outs. A-joint unites simple function with limitless form. All A-joint minis come with basic hardware, Use then to make anything you like.

NOTE: THIS PRICE IS PER PAIR of A-joint minis. Typically two are need to make a bench and four for a table.

A-joints are domestic use only sales restriction apply. For trade enquires please contact studio@henrywilson.com.au

140 x 55 x 80mm | Aluminium | Matt silver